Welcome to Agro Forestry

Our country Nepal has the probability of organic diversity. For the production agro forestry, herbs, etc seed is the must where as collection and market management is also equally important. In order to complete this task agro forestry P.V.T. L.T.D. collects and purifies the seed and also helps to increase the income of farmers. This organization helps to maintain biodiversity of plants and also helps to control global warming. This company is registered in Registry Office including legal formality.

From the time of establishment it has established different nursery has been established for different spices of plants. This organization also helps farmers to grow medicinal herbs and other different vegetables as per the region such as hilly, mountain and terai. This organization even helps to sell the produced seeds, medicinal herbs, plants, etc contacting with other different agrobased industries. This company will provide training regarding agro based medicinal herbs.